BOOKUP brand, established with the same vision, has set out as a brand that determines the necessities of the era with an innovative point of view aiming to gather the convenience and service differences of the online market under a single roof.

BOOKUP enables hotels to make real-time reservations with the booking engine that is integrated into the official websites. Additional to this engine; air ticket, transfer service, day tours, city guide, cancellation guarantee package to be offered in the same system and additional services in different markets or currencies can be made through a user-friendly system. The most important feature of the system is to establish an organic link with the official website and terminate the process on the same link and page without making different window expansions that the end user describes as unsafe.

A New Generation Advanced Booking Experience

Gerçek Zamanlı Rezervasyon
Real Time Booking

All the reservations made on your website will be instantly sent to your system and your reservation information is automatically sent to your guests.

Responsive Tasarım
User Friendly Interface

With a mobile-compatible reservation module that is customized to the screen size of all devices, we allow your visitors to easily complete the reservation.

Dinamik Kampanya
Dynamic Campaign Management

You can create an unlimited number of dynamic campaigns on the system and present them to specific target audiences, such as the device or older guests.

Anlık Fiyatlandırma
IP Based Instant Pricing

You can customize different pricing options based on IP, instant notification and price update.

Güvenli Ödeme
Secure Payment System

With the SSL-certified payment system, you can ensure that your guests can safely complete all payment steps, keeping their information protected under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

Ödeme Yöntemleri
Different and Payment Options

You can give as many options as multilingual and with different currency options, such as payment at your hotel, payment with non-refundable special price, money order & epht, payment in 9 installments to all credit cards with no interest.


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